Tim Tebow is right, but….

Tim Tebow

he is only talking about the new proposal for allowing college athletes be paid for personal endorsements. That action by California will be a mistake. That’s not to say that colleges should not compensate their athletes since the college is ranking in big bucks as a result of their performances. I find that most ‘professionals’ actually create a rather poor commercial. I say absolutely, “NO!” to the California proposal, but would be supportive of compensation for college athletes. That would be very righteous.

For sure, every one of those professionals need to be coached by a professional prior to taping, donchaknow. Really!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

The Boys with a bullseye on the back

My Dallas Cowboys appear to have a bunch of fans, home and away, but not from the ‘experts’ doing sports reporting. Every network sports show contains a heavy does of “AntiDALLAS”. They handled the New York Giants rather handily with Dak as good as it gets. Jason can still get a first down; Cooper, Gallup, Cobb and Austin are scary threats and then there’s that O-line blasting through, making holes for Zeke AND a defense that is loaded with talent, all coached by a very fine staff and a head coach who isn’t the least bit overwhelmed by the last year of a contract. No wonder there is envy among the experts (who seem to favor plastic surgery). My team will always be targeted and admired, donchaknow. Really. If they play to their potential, they will make it. And my Aggies? Well, Jimbo will see to it that they will make it also. Like the man said, “Zeke WHO?”, well I will turn around in my new shirt and announce “THAT’S WHO!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN


It has been my intent to skip Facebook videos and place videos here in waterwader.blog. That hasn’t worked out and techs from this blog are in vacation for a few weeks, so I will continue posting with script only. No audio until my videos are allowed. I have been expunged by Facebook and I apologize for all of the new ‘followers’ from there, but their arbitrary behavior repels me. The Bible warns those of us who present Jesus Christ and Him only, and here it is. I an saddened that my blog probably will also be disallowed. You know to whom all this censoring is due and to those who follow that dictate, there will be a day of reckoning donchaknow, really,  see you here tomorrow.  And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

YELLOW Journalism

What is being passed off as “NEWS” today would have been considered “Yellow Journalism” some years ago. There were ‘rags’ available at the checkout counter of grocery stores, the most notorious was “The Grit”.  In it’s hey day, you would find all about someone’s problems. Slander and Libel suits ended its publication. The SINister minister is winning the information race.  The talking heads are in a spin-zone as they report  innuendo and editorialize, regardless of fact. And we believe it all.

I grew up in a home with parents who loved and inspired me. I had a sense of integrity and knew the difference of right-and-wrong. I also knew it best to be truthful.  That knowledge carried over into my news reporting days. I would have never shared news that was lacking in factual investigation and precision of truth.

How unfortunate for real journalistic integrity. How disgusting it all is to those with discernment and a knowledge of Truth! It is a terrible thing to call what is shared by talking-heads, to be ‘news’. It is more in line with confusion and news reporting of garbage. Shame, shame!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

Peanut Butter ‘n Honey

I see that the most popular sandwich in America is “grilled cheese” and that surprises me a bit. I would have thought it to be a hamburger with cheese and bacon.  You can’t beat a grilled cheese with dill pickle, donchaknow. Really.  But it has been my experience to find the most popular sandwich to be peanut butter and honey on potato bread (trim the crust). I put a ton of these, along with a paper napkin, in a baggie, for years. If my ‘meals-on-wheels’ lunch fails to appeal, I will build another of these today. Speaking of MOW, there surely are a bunch of fine folks who volunteer to bring those meals to those of us who can surely use them. I live in an apartment complex of over 300 units and I must be the last one on the schedule since I usually  am offered two meals. I asked why yesterday and was told that some in my complex don’t answer the door. That makes me wonder if after knocking, the volunteer may not wait long enough for one of us elders to make it to the door.  If I’m in my lift chair, I announce ‘loudly’, “Just a minute!”. I’ve never been known to miss a meal! (by the way, I prefer ‘chunky’ and surely do miss that ‘raw honey)  Thank God for good samaritans! 

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN


I just read that there is a movement afoot to ban “facial recognition technology”. That seems to be closing the barn after the horse got out. We all have our image floating all over the  universe and since there are so many bent on mayhem, running loose, why not utilize something that will quickly identify them ‘BEFORE’ they do it? 

Personally, I have already shared so much of my personal life on this internet over the past decades, ‘hitdonmeknodiffunce’, donchaknow. really. The only endangered person is my self. I do not own a firearm. I have a ‘throwing knife’ somewhere and a miniature cross-bow (don’t know where the darts are). I do not drive and last year I rented a scooter at the State Fair and nearly ran over a lady trying to back up, so that’s out. There are a bunch of pics of me from young to old, bearded with long hair, shaved and burred, so why worry, right? There’s no telling just how much someone knows about me anyhow. Personal information is out there and it’s Biblical. The whole shooting match is headed toward one-world-government and the only safety any of us truly has is by Faith in Jesus Christ. So, bring all the technological invasion on. My only concern is for the lost who don’t have Jesus. By, the way, I was disconnected doing a video on Facebook due to terminated internet connection. No so on my end, donchaknow. 

Really! “For I know in whom I believe and know HE is able to keep me safe, forever”!  And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

A Bit of Honey

Thank God for Bees! Singers use various methods for keeping a clear voice. While touring all those towns, using my voice a lot, I utilized the power of honey. I am not a tea enthusiast, but from college years, my day begins with a cup of coffee. Up until retirement, it included a teaspoon or two of honey. An Uncle-by-marriage was a beekeeper in Rosebud, outside Waco, Texas. He had fields of clover for the source. We had a supply of raw clover honey all the time. Honey is a natural lubricant.  For a time, my daughter-in-law sent a case of honey every Christmas. She purchased it from  Monks in some monastery back east. Honey bees fly hundreds-of-thousands-of-miles to make one pound of honey. No wonder a jar of it is never cheap, especially ‘pure’. 

Have you ever considered the significance of God’s promise, to the children of Israel, of the land ‘flowing with milk and honey’?

I believe it meant a fertile land of grass and flowers. Without that, what would cows eat and bees gather? God sure is smart, donchaknow. Really!

Even though I take a bit of creamer with my morning cup, today, I have deep appreciation of the delicious cups with honey, Honey!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN