“Just let me tell you….”

When someone you love has a change of heart due to what someone you love tells them, it is a crushing realization. Even if it had a glimmer of truth, to lose favor with family and friend without having a loving discussion of the matter simply isn’t right. If you know of what I speak, you know the pain such a thing causes. You begin to wonder just how much all of them truly ‘loved’ you, donchaknow. Really. I must be extremely naive and to come to that realization at my age hurts the worst. To have broken that many hearts brings about heavy remorse. 

So, I write about it to you. There will be some who find this unacceptable and that’s fine. But to me iit is taking assessment of what I might have said about another and that has a glimmer of gossip, I must ask forgiveness as quickly as I can. I have been rather outspoken on political issues without knowing all that I should know about issues. I seem to be guilty of finding fault with some who do not share my thinking and that I deeply regret. On the off-chance that be so, Please forgive my sinful self.  Simply because I love my country so very much does not give me the right to tear into another. I have said many times, “One of us is very wrong”, but each of us has that right. We shall both come to realize the truth one day. I do know for a fact that there is Truth abounding in the Love of God. Forgive me where in I have failed. There is a great old praise song written in 1917 by Frederick Lehman and Claudia Mays that tells me just where I should be founded. The last verse (supposedly found written on the wall of an institution for the insane) says: “Could we with ink the ocean fill, And were the skies of parchment made, Were every stalk on earth a quill, And every man a scribe by trade; To write the love of God above Would drain the ocean dry; Nor could the scroll contain the whole, Though stretched from sky to sky.”

We should spend our time on worthwhile things that glorify a most Gracious God!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

One thought on “WHISPERS

  1. There is comfort in “misery loves company”, I suppose. That said, yes, sometimes what comes out of my mouth is taken the wrong way and not in the least how I meant the words. It is sad when you reach my age and someone will suddenly ghost you. Someone you have known for many, many years. Such is life.


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