My young friend just got a scent of the detritus of thought and action permeating America and she is turning green. You and I? Well we’re used to the stench of immorality and personal Sin. We’ve been walking the dark path so long, it seems natural. It’s like the rendering plant that was built in my home town. It STUNK to high heaven when it first began operations, but after a while, only newcomers would notice it.  We had a huge compost farm about a quarter mile from our home in Charlotte and it was terrible until they had expensive baffles installed and even then, when the wind was just right it nearly knocked us down when we walked outside our home. No amount of baffling can remove the odor of Sin, donchaknow. Really. From little to big, Sin stinks and sends us closer to bad circumstances, yet, we simply continue on down the darkened path to a very bad place. It’s been like this forever, but there is a cleansing agent that has been available all that time.  Christians caught a whiff of it at the moment of ‘belief’, but many have lost the scent. It’s easy to simply ‘go along’ and pretty soon we get used to the odor, but like my little friend, we can each repent and bring refreshed air to our corner. Just one at a time is all it takes, so let’s take the time and make God smile today. No more bad smells, OK?

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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