Not Taboo!

We have been conditioned to believe politics and religion to be off limits for good conversation. I reject this, vehemently!  To be thusly mislead is to be among the demons and dilabollical horde led by the SINister minister, himself. We have been far too long not sharing our faith in God, our Creator, and our nation is paying the price for that follie. Truth has been ignored far too long and unless we re-establish contact, on a daily basis, with Holy Scripture, we are doomed. Many are living this lie today and their entire being is consumed by hatred, maliciousness, innuendo and bitterness. We are wimps when it comes to what is best for America. We have been conditioned to go along with political correctness and are walking in darkness. “IN GOD WE TRUST” has become “In Government We Trust” and ‘government’ doesn’t really like us at all. Government’s goal is “One World” and we are going along with that hoax. God did not set America on stage to perform to the will of false direction. The One World Democrats and the ill-informed seek is that of the Anti Christ and that story is told fully in the Holy Bible.  Do not be deceived, Revelation is not a fairy tale mystery. Why would God title that chapter as a revelation if it is to be a mystery. That doesn’t make sense and you know it!  So, do not hesitate to stand on what makes good sense. Stand on Scripture. Stand on God’s Holy Word. He’s standing in total support of His Children and that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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