“I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have preserved my life.” (Psalm 119:93)

The dictionary defines “precept” as a general rule to regulate thought and behavior. As my years on earth increase, my memory decreases. For  one whose father suffered total memory loss, it is of concern.  Sometimes I have to go to ‘search’ to simply recall people or events about whom/which I write. Perhaps that is what ails many today when considering this verse from Psalm. People who continue to breathe and do, make decisions that belie God’s precepts, donchaknow. Really. I suppose we can all know why that happens once in a while, but over and over, now ‘Tis a Puzzlement. Even though I wonder if we ever know God’s ‘precepts’, it pleases me to know that, regardless of our ‘remembering’, Jesus will never forget. That speaks volumes of His Love and Care for everyone. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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