Billy Andrews

The name Billy Andrews probably means nothing to you, but if I told you he was the younger brother of Dana Andrews, what would that mean to you? I just watched “The Hanged Man” on Prime Video featuring Dana’s younger brother.  Dana and Billy were the sons of a Baptist Minister, living next door to Marilyn Austin’s home on Avenue “M” in Huntsville, Texas. They bothe grew up to become movie Stars. Both have passed away, but their films are still available. I discovered a board on the inside wall of the garage next door to my former wife’s home that bore “Billy Andrews” prior to the whole place was to be torn down. I removed that board and located an address in California and mailed it to ‘him’. Never got a response, but it was fun to do, donchaknow. Really. Still need a clue? How about photos of both men?

Dana Andrews (top)                     Steve Forrest (Billy Andrews)(bottom)

How ’bout that?

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “Billy Andrews

  1. Funny you should show the Andrews brothers..Did you know that Billy was a cheer leader at Huntsville High School? Way before he became the good looking movie star. They had a sister, Mary, but never heard what became of her.
    Good memories of HHS and Huntsville growing up.


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