Mother and I

Mattie Tabb Austin and son

This picture ( poor copy of original) is the only one I have showing a hug of any kind. I look like a sumo wrestler. She lost my brother at birth. I am told he was too large. Well, from the looks of this lad, my little (5′ -0″) Mom must have had a bit of trouble the second time (@ 7 lbs).

My Mother was never a hugger. I’ve asked my children if they recall her ever giving them a hug and they can only remember her ‘allowing’ one. She just didn’t hug. Sam Austin made up for it, however. I think that’s why I love to hug so much. I know I must have caused some folks to feel ‘invaded’, but I love to hug and if I ever missed the opportunity you must have been moving too fast or too far away to reach. Looking at this makes me realize just how lovely Mattie Tabb Austin really was. Her journey of life took its toll of that beauty, but never did it change the love she felt for everyone, even those who stressed her out. 119 South Church was always a place of welcome. It was also a place to enjoy good old fashioned cooking, pancakes that would melt in your mouth and Sweet Spirit, donchaknow. Really.   Just for me, hug somebody.

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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