School Days

I have shared my faith and examples of just how much I love to share my faith and reveal the consequence of sin. It has been a personal journal written in the hope that what I have shared will cause those in need to seek the Truth about which I speak. 

You know where I stand and on the issues, so until I feel the need to do otherwise, I will share stories that I pray will be of interest.

We all have had teachers who left an indelible mark on our very being. We all remember the name of our first teacher,  If we grew up in a church-going family, we certainly recall our first pastor and if we were baptized, the pastor who officiated at the dunking. Those who participated in sports certainly recall their first coach and their team records. Every one of us will have  favorite teachers and subjects. In my case, I really loved “school”. I enjoyed every class and subject. I honestly was never truly challenged until Albegra and Geometry. 

Some of us were ‘advanced’ and placed in higher grade subjects. Algebra and Geometry convinced me to study, but my first taste of algebra left a bad taste in my mounth since the teacher obviously appreciated the handsome ‘older’ boys and spent her time teaching from each one’s desk. Most in the advanced group seem to have no problem at all, but that still irks me, donchaknow. Geometry cause me difficulty and the teacher had been doing it too long to be interesting. Chemistry was another “need to focus”, but I made it. Being musically inclined, I excelled in choir and band. We had choir in junior high, but it was simply singalong. My first ‘director’ was beautiful and he daughter of the Episcopal minister. She also loved the older boys. She didn’t make it and the rumor was she ‘loved’ the older boys too much. Lorene Sanders, Bill Sorrells and Duncan Thompson were my favorite teachers. Ms. Sanders was my inspiration to teach. Duncan Thompson was my band director and Bill Sorrells was my choral teacher. They each challenged me at every turn. I still do not understand how my senior year fall band grade was “96” and my final was”92″? Notice my one absence. Only one in all twelve years. Also, no one signed my final card since it was ‘final’.

College days at a later date.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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