Costas, Bowa, Tark and Me

KORK was the flagship station for the Las Vegas Stars minor league baseball team. Larry Bowa was the manager. He was a very fiery fellow who was known, far and wide, to be tossed during a game for confronting umpires.  Whenever the team needed someone to replace the singer of the National Anthem, they would call me. I got to know the team members and the manager pretty well.

Bob Costas was beginning a five-minute sports program for State Farm and his producer was attempting to get Bowa on for his first guest.  Bowa was difficult to deal with all the way around, and when he refused, The producer called the ‘flagship’ station for assistance. I happened to answer the phone and when told of their dilemma, I said that I might be able to convince Larry.  The producer said, “You get Bowa on tape, asking questions I will send you and I will pay you $25 for them.  I did and they did.  I used a cassette machine, recorded the questions they sent, mailed it to an address in St. Louis and Costa would record his voice with my questions and thus the broadcast. 

It went so well, I got the contract.

My next assignment was with Jerry Tarkanian, coach of the National Champion UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.  I knew the coach also, and I did additional questions that I thought would be of interest.  They liked mine and from that time on, I was given carte blanche to do the same for notables whenever they came to Vegas.  I made some easy money for that whole sports show run. Las Vegas Sports Books always had sports figures hanging around and that worked out well for me.

Not many can say, “I was Bob Costas for a season,  donchaknow, really. 

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.      AMEN

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