Are You Serious?

Would you really put this man in the highest office in the land?

Cory Booker personally escorted Illegals across the border!

And, there are those who support this law-breaker. Are you serious? Is this how far we’ve drifted from Common Sense?

This confused man should be in a Federal lockup, not the Oval Office. Really!

We, who BELIEVE. must do everything we can to overcome the message of this world. It isn’t easy to stand and be counted for Jesus. To do so today is not comfortable. What God intends for people to do is ignored and that’s bad, donchaknow. Really!

Cory Booker and the other score of “wannabe’s” are in an uphill battle. Former Vice President, Joe Biden, seems to be a favorite. That is quite interesting since Joe and his family have become quite wealthy dealing with foreign powers, such as China. Do your own research. Look at facts and know for whom you vote to sit in the Oval Office in 2020. America’s future depends on it. Common Sense seems to be a forgotten commodity.

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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