If you are interested in an occasional video visit with me, here is how.

ZOOM.US affords free video visits. All that is necessary is a download of the APP from, webcam and the URL.  If interested, simply include your email address in “Comments” and I will reply with full information. It will cost you absolutely nothing to participate. My plan is to begin mid-July with visits for up to 25 at-a-time. That should give us opportunity for exchanges without clutter. It could also be interesting if for the first time, we place ‘no limit’, just to get an idea, but after the first time, I think fewer can be better. The maximum for each session is up to 1000, but a smaller group going on is the plan.

My family has taken advantage of this service and it’s a HOOT!  I have had a few mention  interest in another gathering, but I am not able to travel. I would love to, but the few times I’ve made the trip to Bryan were great except for recovery once I returned to Plano. This is about the best solution. The information I will need you to include in “Comments”, other than email address is  your Time Zone and “day” preference. (Saturday or Sunday)  Of course, we will work around ‘football’, etc. 

I hope to hear from many, dochaknow. Really.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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