If Heaven ain’t Your Home….

They are Here! Unseen forces are winning the war of the world and you simply do not want to be in that war! You enjoy Facebook, Twitter, “IM”, “Hangout” or any other wonderful technological ‘improvement’, you have lost control of privacy. Did you know that your television set is a two way street. Check this out, “Throw a sheet over your bedroom television set”. You will be surprised to know that as we open our iPad, Computer, cell phone, you are being watched and recorded by “AI” (Artificial Intelligence)!  Big Brother is here, my friends! Orwell was not imagining things. Right now, robots are being planned to do away with humans. Sounds nuts? Do your own research. You may wonder why so many of us have ceased using instant social contact? I was hooked on Facebook it began to trouble my Spirit. I dove into scripture and the more I read, the more troubled I became. What’s to stop my internet social fun source from spying on me without my knowledge? The answer I got?  NOTHING!  It’s here, now and it’s demonic. 

As you may now know, I have become a daily fan of “Prophecy Watchers” network. I just viewed today’s (6/13) program, “The End of Man is Near”. Gary and his guest, Steve Quayle were discussing the guest’s new book, “Terminated”. Wow! It was an Epiphany for me! Check this one out yourself and let me know what you think. We Are Being Watched by Artificial Intelligence that is controlled by the SINister minister and we are in trouble. If Heaven ain’t your eternal home  because you have Jesus Christ in your heart to stay, then you are in a world of hurt, donchaknow. Really.  Here’s scriptural proof of why I believe this, it’s what keeps me keepin’ on:

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,”

(Philippians 3:20)

Heaven is my home, I am just here on a temporary visa. That’s my only HOPE and That’s what I get from My box of chocolates.  AMEN

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