Alliteration Fun

I love alliteration. I write these all in fun, just to keep my juices flowing. For example, take our alphabet:

Andy Arnold’s ankle aches about all around and Alex Anderson asked Andy about Alice Ard’s Aunt Annabelle Amondson’s art account at Allen’s Apothecary. Bucky Brewster busted Bonnie Boswell’s bustle by bouncing Bobby Bartholamew’s baskeball back to Bucky and back. Claudette called the cops, causing confusion. Dicky Dawson dabbled doodles daring Dora doing di-dohs. Edgar Edwards earned extra eggplant easing Esther’s elation. Frank flew five frequent flyovers for fun and Grace grew grumpy, grouching. Harry’s humming humiliatedIrma instead. Justin Justice just juggled jam jars and Kelly kicked. Larry Lunsford licked lemons. Mason Maxwell made Madeline move Nora’s notebook  and Oscar only oggled. Polly Parker picked plumb pudding, packing Paul Poe’s pocket. People praised Polly’s persistance, persuant past preseason particulars. Postmen piled plain postcards, putting Paul Poe’s parents past punctuality, placing Polly precariously poised perusing Paul Poe’s Pocket. Quinton Quarles raced. Richard Roberts rang Sally Stephen’s Telephone. Tommy Taylor tattled today, telling tall tales to totally ferrify Twila Tucker. Twila took time to triple the terror, twisting Tommy’s tale to titilate the Thompson Twins taking time to tump two turnip trucks traveling twenty-two turns toward town. Tomorrow, Twila twists Tommy’s toga, turning Tommy’s toga to tatters. Tommy takes Twila to task, totally, this Thusday. Ursala understands ultimate Veracity. Willie Walker wrestled Wally Williams Wednesday. Wally whimpered when Willie won. Wanda Williams wished Willie would win. When Willie whipped Wally, Wally wept while Wanda whooped!  Wanda wondered why Willie whistled while wrestling Wally. Wally whimpered. Xavier Yawned, yearning. Yvonne Zoomed zeros.

(Now, you try it.)

And, that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.  AMEN

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