Call to Remembrance

There is a little Praise Chorus that sings,”Oh! How He Loves You and Me”. Folks believed that back then. No one would have thought to show disrespect for our flag or our National Anthem. Church pews filled with worshipful people and Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and Risen Again was sounded from every pulpit. Daddies pass out cigars with the arrival of a new baby girl or boy. (We could tell what we had from the first smack on a backside) Children could play until after the street lights came on without one sense of fear. Doors were left unlocked and one could walk down a dark street, unafraid. The Pledge of Allegiance was said in every classroom every morning, first thing and the PA system sounded prayer before every football game on Friday night. County Courthouses proudly displayed memorials to those who served and God was part of our lives and bad behavior had consequences. 

Today, that little Praise Chorus would sing, “OH! How my country has changed.” America has wandered away from God entirely. We argue over obvious sin and think we can pass laws that will stop it without calling it by name. Babies are greeted by forcipes and parents are confused as to the gender of each one spared. Nobody is totally safe, even in worship service. Security systems and alarms are installed in every residence or place of business. Armed guards patrol our classroom hallways and teachers are encouraged to carry sidearms. Children do not drink Pollypop or KoolAid anymore, preferring much stronger mind-bending stuff. Today, we destroy those memorials that commemorate historical events. We pass laws that diametrically ignore those set forth by God and we trust half-truths and outright lies about anyone we find a dislike for. We’ve gone from God-like to God-Less in just a few years.

“Oh! How My Country Has Changed”!

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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