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Robert has a home, with someone who reveres American History. The bidding for the Confederate Memorial to General Robert E. Lee sold for a bunch of bucks!  The Dallas Morning News reports:

To be exact, the winning bid was $1,435,000. Assuming the winning bidder doesn’t come up short when the bill comes due. (But the city required all bidders to put down a $50,000 deposit just to participate. To make sure, you know, they were serious).

That top-dollar amount is far higher than the $450,000 reserve set by council members last month, when they declared the sculpture “surplus property.” And way more than the $950,000 value at which City Hall had appraised the statue a month ago.”

The full identity of the bidder has not been revealed. 

What concerns me is that there has not been an outcry about what I believe is the first domino to fall. The article quotes the individual who brought this all about, this from the news article:

“Activist John Fullinwider, a Dallas native, had advocated for the removal of the Lee statue long before it was hauled off in the fall of 2017. Four years ago, he led what he called its “un-dedication,” and demanded Dallas erase monuments erected by pro-Confederate groups looking to “rewrite the cause of the Civil War,” making it about states’ rights rather than the right to keep slaves. He’s been at every meeting concerning the fate of these sculptures and statues, and sent word Wednesday afternoon as soon as he heard of its final sale price.

“LawDude may find he’s purchased an endlessly traveling exhibit,” Fullinwider said. “Because wherever this statue lands, people of conscience will protest it — and the godforsaken legacy it honors.”  Certainly, no person who has a conscience would condone slavery, but when our lawmakers begin to ‘undo the past mistakes’, by outlawing Memorials, they are contributing to the very negative growing in our nation. I believe there to be two sides to racism and both are diametrically opposed to what My Bible says about how we are to treat one another. Statues do not the problem make, donchaknow. Really.

I believe it UNAmerican for a few to make rules and pass laws without consent from the ‘many’!

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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