The “Mark of the BEAST”


Believers know of the AntiChrist. The identity of him has long been a puzzlement, but the Bible pretty well lays out just what will happen when he makes his appearance. Prophetic predictions are many as to just what “The Mark of the Beast” will be. I have a theory that it has to do with the Internet. Revelation 13:6 tells us that there will be a specific ‘mark’ placed on all those who worship the AntiChrist. Those who remain without the mark will be unable to buy or sell. They are left to starve without a means to purchase food or other necessities. Many suggest the mark to be an actual mark placed somewhere on one’s body that is completely visible to everyone. I have given it some thought and I believe the mark to be artificial intelligence such as the “password” that protects our privacy at our financial institution. What would stop some dictator from ordering all his followers a code that allows them purchase power and refuses that privilege to all of those who follow Jesus Christ? What would it take for that secret code to be placed on each debit card. I’ve even had wild ideas concerning what else may be included in our flu shots at the doctor’s office. “Tis a Puzzlement and interesting conjecture, donchaknow. Really. But since I am too Anointed to be disappointed and too Blessed to be depressed, why worry?

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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