Height Advantage

The Austin Brothers (l-r) Joe, D.T. Jr, Sam (my Dad) and Billie (all deceased)

All the Austin men were not exceptionally tall, but certainly above average. My father was an only child with four half-brothers. My mother’s family was a blended one also. My grandfathers married twice. D.T. (Buster) Austin lost my father’s mother, Bessie Greer, soon after his birth. My Dad’s Aunt Maude Greer cared for him until he was 10. His father married Georgia England and they had four sons, Joe, D. T. Jr, Jack and Billie.(I do not have a photo of Jack) My Mom’s father, James W. Tabb, lost his first wife after she had Goldie, Myrtle, Mae and Virgil. Mother’s mother was Captola Sanders, she died after giving birth to Mother, Ruth, Valma (Honey) and Morris Shepherd (Pedro). James W. Tabb left Mother and her siblings and moved to Dallas. (Later, married and had two daughters, Annie Jim and Katie Jo.) Most of the Tabbs were also rather tall. I had a plethora of cousins from both sides. Most of the Tabb-side cousins celebrated February Birthdays. I have lost contact with kinfolk and that’s sad. I have discovered that getting old without an automobile provides some loneliness and some telephones and internets must be intermittent. 

Being tall has its advantage, but it makes those shorter a bit belligerent, donchaknow. Really. 

I live on the fourth floor (top floor) of our apartment complex and that’s high enough. My son enjoys the fifty-second-floor view from his apartment in Chicago. I do not plan to visit. I don’t think God intends for us to have too many floors in buildings since he wiped the Babylonian tower off the face of the earth. That has always been an interesting story for me.  I admit I kinda enjoy being tall.  It helps carry this excess weight I seem to have put on. 

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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