For Father’s Day

Attention: For All My Children, Coast-to-Coast!  My only want for Father’s Day, since all of you are much better able to go to church, for you to attend a Bible Grounded, Pure Christian-Principled, totally Evangelistic, Jesus Christ Only Worship, starting each day reading God’s Holy Word and Stop Sinning!

Now, for Your Papa, I understand I am receiving a Pure Word Bible. After twenty-five years of diving deep into Greek, “THE PURE WORD” translation of the New Testament is now available and it is just what “waterwader” needs. So, I don’t need a new set of lungs, a “Spider Trike”, A Lexus, a lighter-than-air flying machine, nor a trip to Disneyland..just a paperback copy of “The Pure Word New Testament” and my whole family in touch with Jesus. Oh, that will be “Glory” for me!

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates. AMEN

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