A Spider Web


The web of Deceit covers Capitol Hill. I believe in fair play. I have not always played fair, however. I am blessed by God’s Mercy and Grace and am determined to play by HIS rules from now on.

I wish our elected officials would do this, but am afraid they have forgotten the “Golden Rule”. They seem to be playing the “IwilldotoyouasIpleaseandyouwillbegoodsportsandreelectme” game,

everything by THEIR rules, totally ignoring the reason for being elected in the first place, with the Sinister Spider weaving a web in the dark privacy that is Capitol Hill. We allow this by being good citizens, exercising the same doggone vote every time. 

I have never voted intelligently. I’ve not done my homework, up until now!! I read books and wait for some network to quote scripture. I have long given up, and now there are transgenders, same-sex marriages, genocide and a bunch of other sinful acts being done by all ages. Why is it that I hear much more criticism of my President, than I do about the other side? It’s enough to make one pray for the Rapture.

You know that surprise will surely get folks attention. 


And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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