Then there were none!

Robert E Lee Memorial For Sale, contact Dallas City Council

Dallas city fathers are falling right in line with their latest decision to place a confederate statue in storage, preparing to list it for sale. Liberals are shredding the fabric of our nation! No one should be allowed to change our history. It is OUR sacred story, donchaknow!  It is just another evidence of the influence of the SINister Minister’s control of human beings and their thinking. I am appalled at the audacity of elected officials who make such an arbitrary decision out of the darkness of their minds. It must be eternal midnight between their ears. Why are we, who know better, allowing this? I am unable to travel or I would be camping at their front door. This is abominable and everyone who knows “Truth”, knows it to be so. We need to take a stand for America, NOW! Elected officials are never to wear “religious” garments. Elected officials should swear allegiance to America and only America, or else! Our children should only be taught the truth about our national history and we should once again return prayer and only God-worship to our classrooms. All other religious rights may be allowed at home, but in American schools as long as our Pledge says, “Under God”, there should never be any other pledge given. Why do we not see the danger of the movement, nationwide, of removing the very basics our forefathers set forth. What more can we sit back and allow to occur? “One Nation, Under God”. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD! Period!!

Shame. Anything else is Criminal!!

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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