“The Shadow”

Back in the mid-fifties I was teaching during the day and playing radio at night. I worked on Sunday afternoon at KPDN in Pampa, Texas. We had network service by Mutual Broadcasting Company while others had the big boys, CBS and NBC. My responsibility was to play pre-recorded (taped reels) of “Gangbusters”, “Nick Carter,Master Detective”, “Mr. District Attorney”, “Inner Sanctum”, “Sky King”, “Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy” and “The Shadow”. Lamont Cranston was a wealthy entrepreneur who also had supernatural powers as The Shadow. The program always began with the eerie voice saying, “What evil lurks in the hearts of man…the Shadow knows…(ending with an eerie laugh)”. It would send chills up-and-down the back. I believe the shadow exists today in the form of The Holy Spirit. Jesus left us with a comforter whose responsibility was to reveal ‘truth’ to believers through diligent study of God’s Word and total surrender to His Will. As you study and walk with God, there is a discernment that makes you “supernatural”. No human power comes close to the power brought into the life of anyone by FAITH. I do not need proof otherwise. Even though I have access to the whole truth, it is a struggle to overcome the human intellect and natural bent toward doing otherwise. Walking in such a way that each step is “Holy Ground” does not come naturally. It’s Supernatural and it is Joy unlimited. 

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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