Dignity Disappearing

The Master

Golf may be the most popular place to find respect and prayers. Golf crowds are totally in awe as they stand in silence and follow their favorite player from green to green. The whole thing is electric as the putter is set and the last look is taken at the cup. A deep breath and silent plea and time seems to stand still. A chorus of gasps when the ball goes awry. A jubilant cheer when it plops into the cup. Either way,you can always count on unified reaction. And then it is all repeated as their favorite strides to the next tee box. Even their hurried pace to their next advantage point is done quietly and respectfully. Hours of dignity painted across a gorgeous landscape of perfectly groomed terrain. It is truly like a worship service and at most events, the attendance is much greater than in church. What is says to me is Sporting events are like a worship service and sports stars are like a “savior”. Dignified but it’s all temporary and unimportant in the final analysis, donchaknow.  All of it will disappear into eternal oblivion once Jesus Christ Comes Back to Reign. That truly will be our Final Score and the Clock will be dripping ZERO for too many of my friends. Their Good Times are no more. Really.

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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