Humans need a Hero. This person must be strong, steady, straight and unshakable. The golf world seems to have found ‘him’. Not since Tiger roared and sent shivers through the links, have they had such an individual. Like a Rookie who lifts eyebrows. Jordan Spieth did it for a brief time, but even with Tiger’s seizing of the Green Jacket, that exuberance was short lived. Now, comes Brooks Koepka. The need for another Super Hero is very evident with the laudits being bestowed as the third round of the Players begins. With a whopping 7-stroke lead and Tiger missing the cut, he is the overwhelming favorite to take the cup, but here’s Jordan!  And, here’s Adam Scott! And, here’s some weather threat. Let’s see what we can see. I wish them all well and may the crowds swell the coffers and may thousands cheer!

But, when it’s all over folks will still be looking, donchaknow, ’cause deep down inside there is still a void no human can fill. I have found what is missing and I share it every day. Praise God for those who believe the Truth! I wish everybody did!

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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