Arthur? REALLY?!


I can’t believe the subterfuge behind the latest abomination of the LGBTQ movement in PBS’s “Arthur”!  It is time for Christians to stand and be counted against such an obvious attempt to influence children. I am pleased with the response by some who know better, but it will not stop here. Regardless of the truth of gender and marriage, we will witness more corruption of the entertainment venue. I am disgusted with the ads that blatantly defend ‘alternate lifestyle’.I watch “PLUTO” since it carries some programs I find interesting, most especially when my Texas Revolution Indoor Football games were on. I see them run a pro-gay commercial, quite often, depicting defense of transgender marriage. The premise is that it is unfair to take action against “humanity”. That is so true, since ‘humanity’ is controlled, totally, by the Sinister Minister. How can anyone read Holy Scripture and think homosexuality or transgender is a good thing? OH!  Of course, I forget that most people don’t believe. Intolerance is alive and well today and it isn’t all on the Conservative Right side. Acquiescence is destroying this nation. It’s hard enough to take a stand for God without having sneak attacks on our children. “It is appointed man once to die and after that the Judgement”.  We live in total abandonment of Truth, donchaknow. Sad, sad. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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