Water, Water Everywhere!

Houston flooding is frightening! It was during our first run at the Tower in Houston that I experienced my second flood. The first was during a high school football game in Austin when the high school principals had to call the ‘down’ from the pressbox since the field was totally under water. That measured over 10-inches is just a few hours. The second was that night in the late ’70s’ when canoeing was the transportation mode in Houston streets. We lived in South Houston and it was a challenge to even get to Westheimer and the theater. Driving a Camaro made it even more exciting, since we were up to our wastes in water most of the time. It was a miracle that the motor never drowned out until we got as far as a restaurant parking lot. That was when it was obvious that things were impossible. We called the box office on the phone there and was told to stay ‘home’ since the show was cancelled. Only 62 patrons had braved the flood and they were given a raincheck. We used the hand dryer in the restrooms to get a bit dry. After hours and no letup, we got the Camaro started and followed a city bus home by drafting in its wake. We arrived at our apartment around 4AM. Houston’s flood water remained for most of the next day and it appears to be the same with this recent deluge. It was frightening and it reminded me of just what it must have been like when God sent all that rain back in the Old Testament. I’m not sure that any living person had ever seen ‘rain’. That had to be Total Terror, donchaknow. Really.
I am pleased that God promised not to totally flood the earth again!
And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.   AMEN

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