The Real Global Warming

God is very patient with America even though we have managed to place laws on our book that oppose His laws. There is a big ballyhoo about climate control and global warming. (some accuse our President for all of it)

There is a real warming coming on earth. That’s what Scripture says and I believe Scripture. God wiped the entire population off the earth with months of rain. Every living creature was destroyed because God didn’t want them around anymore. They were guilty of illicit acts and abominable behavior. He destroyed two cities with fire and that should give America pause since we are condoning, by law, such behavior. God made a covenant with Abraham signified by a rainbow. He promised never to wipe out all living things with a flood, but there is some mention of ‘fire’. All this talk about Global Warming has some merit, but it isn’t due to anything mankind has or will do. It’s a Final Judgement of horrible destruction, yet there is time for folks to change. It will take a change of heart and a ‘give-up-to-God’. donchaknow, Really.

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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