Shredding Our Constitution

We’d better wake up, America! Bernie, Elizabeth, Beto et al are determined to feed our Constitution to the shredder. To have these ‘citizens’ offer convicted criminals and illegals the same rights of citizenship as others is reprehensible and illicit. It is obvious that there are misguided people in authority who are determined to destroy this nation from within, from the Supreme Court on down, we must not allow the progressive ‘left’ one more foothold in government. This is the United State of America, not a “Gray State”. We must not allow further amendment attacks on our governing documents. I hear it said, “All of this is out of my control”, by too many. NO! We have the power to change and the God Given right to act as He would have us do. But, we’ve done a lot to erase Godly reasoning, donchaknow. Separation of Church and State does not mean leaving God out of government, it was intended to guarantee that no religious organization control us. To you who disagree with my position, all I can say is ‘one of us is very wrong’. Yes, there is a deep and wide ‘belief’ abyss between people in America and the shame of it is that one side is living a lie. Unfortunately, they appear to be a majority. Shame, Shame!

It’s quite possible that the mass invasion by illegals is the final effort to destroy Christianity. The Sinister Minister just might be winning at blowing out the little candles of Truth.

I’ve mentioned David Horowitz “Dark Agenda” You can order a free copy now at

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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