The Price

It saddens me to realize that lifting the shade of my life’s journey carries consequences. My Bible tells me to come clean and confess sins, but it also says to ‘go to those owed’ and that’s simply impossible since so many are not close to my apartment here in Plano. I have utilized social media and the internet blog to do all I can to rectify mistakes. It is revealing as to just how many drop away, donchaknow, but it would be worse to allow former students and friends to hold me as some sort of good example. If my wade in this water has resulted in any discomfort or disappointment, I sincerely apologize. It’s just something God placed on my heart to say. I was lying on a table for an hour yesterday for outpatient surgery by a fine young surgeon named Joseph Burak. He is saving my leg and for that I am truly grateful. At a time when someone is invaded one’s body, thoughts of what one has left undone abound. I had an Epiphany, donchaknow. While God’s Angels surrounded the medical ones, it came to me just why followers of my blog have dropped away in discomfort. For those who remain, please remember to pray for others first and for all others, forgive me for MY failure to live up to God’s standards of a “Good Man”. I am most grateful for Dr. Joseph Burak and his team in an effort to save what’s left of this fellow and am Too Anointed to be Disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed! Really.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

3 thoughts on “The Price

  1. Perhaps you are a little too hard on yourself?! From what i have read, it seems to me that you have atoned for your sometimes, rash (?) earlier days. God has a way of forgiving our youthful, misguided ways, “don’t you know”. And I have found that true friends do too.


  2. Many of us still read…just don’t publically comment very much. Unfortunately, many of us are getting up in age ourselves & running from one doctor’s appointment to another….or in my case helping raise a couple of grandkids…I squeeze time in to read but about the time I go to comment, I’m needed elsewhere. We nearly all check our FB accounts frequently cause that’s where most of our kids/ siblings/ & grandkids post…( Everything is in one convenient place). We have never been put in FB Jail but many of our friends have gotten in there for in our opinion— absolutely Nonsense. Still enjoy your postings…Remember, I’m from that notorious SFA Class of 1965! Sandra Kay Bowen


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