What it was was Football

My Texas Revolution Indoor Football Team was already ahead of the Defending Champions, The Duke City Gladiators last Saturday night at The Star, when I had a chance to catch me a CIF official football. (In this game any ball going into the stands is free to the fan that catches it) The Rev were a the move again and I was standing right inside the inflated wall, waiting. And, there it was, coming right for me and I was ready….but so was a defensive back from the Gladiators. We met at the ball and he knocked me for a loop. I just received a photo of the event. That’s me in the ‘outback’ hat and the other guy is airborne wearing number “4”. After an overnight at Texas Hospital in Plano, I am fortunately recovering at home. Not smart, but I did get a ball. My caregiver said, “You could have bought a ball and saved all your misery!”  Yes, that is true, but still it was the thought that counted, donchaknow. I wrote the other team and asked that number “4” be notified of my willingness to forgive since I’m still here.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.  AMEN

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