My Church Choirs

I served as music minister in churches all over the place. While in Huntsville, I served in Presbyterian and Methodist. In Cedar Bayou, First Baptist. In Pampa, Central Baptist and in Amarillo, Episcopal and Baptist. In Las Vegas I directed music at First Southern, Foothills and Desert Hills. My two longest tenures were in Bryan and Las Vegas. I began my Bryan service at First Baptist with Dr. Harvey Andrews. I am a bit foggy as to when and all, but the choir members I certainly recall, fondly. There were two ladies who were guaranteed a front row seat, no exceptions. The men were a hoot and the ladies a blessing. I was fortunate to have some very fine voices at Bryan First Baptist. George “Pete” Adams, Ed and Barbara Carson (Ed pass away, but Barbara continues to stay in touch), Jack Conlee, Earl Cunningham, Doc and Bess Sprague, Sue Poss and  Alice Jean Butler, just to name a few. My organist was one of the most beautiful ladies I ever knew, Imogene Robertson. What a sweet spirit! In Vegas with Dr. David C Brown, Tony Forehand and Roger Johnson, I had some very fine members who could sing up a storm. The entire Hepworth family blessed us for years. (Bobbie was the mother of the seven babies that made national headlines, years back). Three of my former members at Desert Hills are still in contact with me, Susan Kennedy in Georgia and Kelly Denney and Deni Forehand in Vegas. I can’t remember all the wonderful churches I served, but I can assure you it was wonderful, donchaknow. After all, I was only using God’s Gift for God and that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “My Church Choirs

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the people whose names I had forgotten after over 55 years. And indeed, Imogene Robertson was a sweet soul.


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