P T Barnum

The famous circus magnate said it first, a long time ago, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. With the internet the odds have increased a million fold. I have been inundated with scams from the “Cash for Patriots” to a very interesting letter written by a lady in Barcelona, Spain. It seems she has been sitting on over twenty-seven million dollars left by a man named Austin who was killed in a tragic auto accident along with his family years ago. According to the letter, after years of seeking next of kin, she believes me to be the lone living heir. I am to contact her husband by return email immediately to be told what I must do next to receive the funds. 

What is different from other scams of like intent, this one doesn’t ask for money “up front” (yet) but proposes that we ‘split’ the millions with her getting 50%, the government getting 10% and my share is to be 40%.  But not breathe a word of our arrangement. Yeah, sure! I just can’t wait! I am certain that legitimate bankers would refrain from such an arrangement. Perhaps you have received such an offer. Did you give it much thought? Have you listened to the long spiel by the fellow announcing the “Cash for Patriots?”  When we were very young, a friend and I determined to blow up paper sacks and secure them with rubber bands and set up a stand offering “Donut Holes” for  a nickel a sack. While in college my suitemate placed an add in a magazine simply stating, “For a big surprise, send just $1”. He claimed he got over 100 dollars sent to a post office box. He said he responded with a sheet of paper that read, “SURPRISE!”,  in large red letters. 

I really would like to hear from anyone who was offered such a marvelous opportunity for wealth. I do not expect any to say they went for it, donchaknow. I do hear of a bunch of suckers who have refused the free gift of eternal life and that breaks my heart.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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