Receiving and Giving

Which is the most important? What have you received today? What is important to you right now? LUX and KayGee are up, expecting their morning “Treat”. That is my first ‘giving’, every morning. Lately, they seem to not be very excited with what was good yesterday. The one dog treat they seem always to wish for is the most expensive, of course. Other than ‘pig’s ears’, they absolutely love chicken jerky strips. Not the soft kind, but the crunchy strips. Both love crunchy “Dumbells”

 I’m afraid they are spoiled, donchaknow. What began as a ‘treat’ for doing their ‘business’ when walking with Linda, now it’s like Dr. Pepper – “TenTwoandFour”. Not much is required of them for receiving. WE are not like that, or ARE we? My first gift, every morning is ‘life’ and my life has purpose. I realize, daily, how blessed I am. I begin every morning with my iPad enjoying “Bible Gateway’s Audio Bible”. I am now learning something new daily, listening to Steve Cook read from the Geneva translation. I love to hear him pronounce all those names! Have you done this? All the men and their sons and ‘brethren’ who walked this earth, serving as God intended, come alive. They walked the walk. We are writing a new chapter, ourselves. It has been said that the Book of Acts continues as you and I ‘give’ of that which we have ‘received’. I am certain LUX and KayGee simply expect to receive and it’s up to me to see that they ‘give back’, but “of that you receive, do you freely give?’ I try, very hard. It doesn’t come naturally. It is the gift of the Spirit of My Lord Jesus Christ that gently urges my doing so. Would you like to be equally blessed? I can guarantee it if you begin every morning with desire in your heart to serve God. One special way is to quietly meditate on His Word and Audio downloads are available for free.

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates  AMEN

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