Golfng with Steven

I am not a golfer. I tried it, but it really didn’t hold my interest. just as football, I love to watch, but playing is not my thing. I was given a fine set of clubs by my son. He thought it would be great to spend a time on the links with his Dad. After 7 balls lost at the first tee, he suggested, “You drive”! He had even bought me a pair of shoes, but alas, the grand old game just isn’t for me. Steven is very competitive. The first time I accompanied my son and sons-in-law (driving the cart) it was like a world war. These guys loved each other, but the game was ON, taking no prisoners. Whenever I visited Steven and his family, in order to spend some time with him, we played a round of golf. His determination to break par presented little time to ‘visit’, but I understand and that’s just fine. I enjoy being with him. Nothing has to be said since we are so alike in every way but ‘business’. I simply am a very poor business man. The only time I have ever been successful was a brief stint as owner/producer of a commercial production company called “Sound Ideas”. That one time things worked out…until my customers were taken from simply radio advertising to full scale by a company in Houston who could provide television and print. There is a plaque on the wall of a radio station in College Station that proved my success. My son even did a stint”on-air” like his old man, but today? Well, we most likely have ‘played’ our last round of golf and that’s OK. He’s way up in Chicago, responsible for the entire midwest business of a major investment firm. Why have I spent this time telling you this? Well, just to share how much I love the guy and how proud I am and how thankful I am that he has done so much better! He and his sisters bless my life in so many ways and their families just makes me smile in Joy. That’s why I am “Too Blessed to be depressed and Too Anointed to be disappointed”. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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