One Man One Vote

The 2020 election. to me, is the most important one in my entire life. Simply because I may not ‘like’ Donald J. Trump as a person is not important at all. It’s what he HAS done for my country. He’s done quite well as a ‘newcomer’ to the political scene and those who find fault are like the “pot calling the kettle ‘black'”. Here’s where I stand:

  1. I feel safer and I believe President Trump will continue to secure my safety.
  2. I totally oppose Socialism and those who are promising “Free Everything to Everyone”.
  3. I am totally opposed to welcoming ‘Illegal Aliens’ and granting them benefits.
  4. I oppose any elected official who does “under-the-table” personal or family business with my nations enemies.
  5. I oppose those who fail to totally support  our veterans. 
  6. I oppose those who are determined to remove GOD from government. HE requires me to respect and honor those elected because HE placed them there and they should do the same.
  7. I find those who are set on killing babies to be an abomination and unworthy to serve. 
  8. I oppose the homosexual act and sex change, entirely.
  9. I oppose those who would reduce my Social Security check and Medicare coverage.
  10. I want elected officials limited as to term and pay. No one should be made wealthy when serving me. I would bring ’em all home and have them live among the people who elect them.

In order to “Drain the Swamp“, we need to limit the term of every elected/appointed Federal and State official, period.

I will vote for Donald J. Trump in the hope that he will continue to be successful in doing so, donchaknow. Really!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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