She Walked in Loveliness

Marilyn Jane Williams Austin was a jewel. She brightened the very room with simple sweetness and light. She was the mother of my fine children and grandchildren. She is no longer with us, but the memory lingers on. You may have known her as a teacher and mentor, but I knew her as a delight. I know she will forgive me for sharing why. She was simply grace in movement in every modern dance performance. She loved to square dance and as a reluctant participant, I loved every doh-see-doh one very warm summer school class on the quadrangle on the Sam Houston State campus. She would get so excited at football games she would suffer incontinence. She was so fearful of mice that she sat on the back of a couch for 5-hours, until I came home from my moonlight gig in radio in Pampa. I had to take a broom and run it under every piece of furniture before she would get down and come to bed. She and a good friend entertained a gathering of citizens at a public hearing on zoning when they thought that the presenter had made a terrible mistake in suggesting at all ‘peruse’ the proposed plans on display. They thought it so funny that they had to leave the session, laughing all the way to the car. They were ‘shocked’ when told that perusal was a very good word. (I do not think either of them attended another such meeting). Regardless of the situation, Marilyn Austin could be counted on to turn it into good. She was just that good, herself. Not perfect but close, donchaknow. Her epitaph should read, “She Walked in Loveliness”. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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