I just saw there is a proposal to set a limit in the charge for stealing. Can you believe the total disregard of God in our legal system. We are commanded by our creator to NEVER steal, yet there is a movement to not file charges of the crime is taking anything less than $750 in value,  in Dallas!! We simply cannot afford such Liberalism!

Stealing is STEALING, just as every sin is SIN. What a waste of time! Even if it only applies to food ordered and not paid for, it is stealing and stealing is wrong and prosecutable! Petty crime is still wrong. To make it simply forgivable is sending the wrong message.

We have to stop coddling misbehavior. We have been tolerant far too long. We have lost control of our youth and as they grow into adulthood, they will likely pass the message on. America was never created to make lawbreaking an option. Where is our Common Sense? What example are we setting? That question must be answered by us all. What ARE we teaching? 

We can never teach that a chair is a chair unless we say it IS to begin with. Teaching Truth is the responsibility of us ALL!  Stop “makebelieve”!  And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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