Something IS Wrong!

And before we point fingers, we need to consider what we do know. Built-in permanence is dangerous. People get comfortably complacent and forget just what their job really is. When I had managerial responsibility, I had to make decisions that were uncomfortable. I thank God that my parents taught by example. Every job was done to the best of their ability. I was taught that there was right and wrong and it wasn’t determined on a fluctuating scale. Sometimes there was no wriggle room! There always is the ‘right thing’ to do and it isn’t for sale! That lesson came directly from God. The integrity taught by example by Sam and Mattie Austin was solid and sound, but I, in my arrogance,often failed to abide by it, donchaknow. Thank God for Mercy and Grace! I have been entertained by the cleverness of the writers of “Longmire”, “Justified”, “Bosch”, “Blue Bloods”, “Blacklist”, “Midsomer Murders”, “The Closer”, “Jesse Stone” and “The Practice”. I missed first-runs but all these TV shows feature ‘real life’ drama and leave out the Joy of being ‘A Child of The King’!

What all the struggle is about is based on human intelligence and total lack of faith. One of the episodes In “The Closer” powerfully depicted what can happen in a family who ‘love’ deeply, but are totally “Lost!” ‘Religious Ritual’ may come into play, but without Jesus Christ in the mix, it is illicit. No wonder our nation is in such turmoil. Think about it! If someone in any of these fine entertainment productions “Believed” and walked their Faith, many of these social issues would not be the problem. The problem with television is it leaves out Christ!  Don’t let me appear to believe that ‘nothing bad’ will happen. Everyone of us, saved or not, will be encompassed by difficulty. That’s simply God’s way of communicating and asking for a personal chat. Mean people are doing the work of the Sinister Minister and without the Hope that only exists for God’s Children, it is impossible to find peace and comfort. You can GET A LIFE!

The most important life is the eternal life in Jesus Christ, period!

And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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