Music Quiz Answers

Yesterday’s Answers:

  • If you speak “Music” you are multilingual.  T (Music is the Universal Language)
  • Middle “C” on a piano keyboard in Texas is the same in Tokyo.  T 
  • There are 124 keys on a standard piano keyboard.  (There are 88 52 white and 36 black)
  • All the white keys are in the same key.  T (The Key of “C”)
  • Do you know how many beats a dotted quarter note receives in 4/4 Time? (one-and-a-half beat)
  • How many Key Signatures are there? (15 Major and 15 minor)
  • A “SHARP” cancels a tone.  F (Raises one-half step)
  • There are no half-steps in a Major Scale? (There are 2, between the third and fourth and seventh and eighth tones)
  • There are 8 letters in a Music Alphabet? F (There are 7,     A B C D E F G -repeated)
  • There are only two basic music staffs.  T (Treble and Bass)
  • Can you name the bottom line on a Grand Staff? (G)
  • Do you know the what the first piano was called and where it was invented? (pianoforte invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy around 1700)

How did you do?

And that’s what I get from My box of chocolates.    AMEN

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