The Press Mess

Never before have I witnessed the degradation that comes from so-called news reporting. We should play “Taps” for reliable journalism. It no longer exists and it appears that the majority of people walk in total darkness. When years of investigation by our highest authority finds nothing and people in authority continue to seek something that isn’t there, we’re in a Twilight Zone! 

Make believe has always been a great escape, but when make believe becomes reality to people, we’re in deep trouble. I grew up with a radio program broadcast nationwide on Saturday mornings called, “Let’s Pretend”, never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought I would be living with news reports spouting outright lies!

I moonlighted at KBTX, Channel three in Bryan for a number of years while teaching in Bryan Public Schools. WE would have never reported fiction as news..NEVER!  We respected viewers too much. Today’s mainstream media has lost that important value. Even after a completed multi-year investigation, not one of the charges stick, yet our elected officials continue to make noise in opposition. It’s time we stop all the cheap shots and outright lies from anyone in Washington. This whole situation is a travesty and I personally am tired of the whole mess. We cannot trust what is reported by news gathering sources and that’s a shame. Really!  What can we do to protect our nation?

DRAIN the SWAMP!  Bring ’em ALL HOME! Make it so that we can look these birds in the eye and demand representation.

And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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