Welcome Back “82”

Jason Witten has made the best decision. Some people are just not made for verbosity. He saved face, donchaknow. I have the greatest respect for him, but it was obvious to me from the start that he wasn’t cut out to do broadcasting. What happened in no way reflects on his knowledge of the game and his expert value to it, but knowing and doing in broadcast? Well, that’s two different things. I am suspicious of the ‘trophy incident’ when the base of the thing simply wasn’t attached?? It would be easy to set that up as a cruel prank. It nearly did Jason in. If that was intentional, then somebody should have been sent to the principal’s office! I am excited that he once again will be a Cowboy. His presence in that locker room will be most welcome. The proof will be in the game, donchaknow, but I think it just great to have “82” in pads again and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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