Acting Ugly

(I will post without Podcast until I solve the hum in my audio system)

There’s a pizza commercial now on TV for Pizza Hut that angers me. Pizza and other items priced at $5 simply overwhelm two young ladies, one of whom exclaims, “OH,MY GOD!” We should ‘cringe’ every time we see it, but we don’t, do we?  We tolerate such blasphemy with ease. We are presented illicit sex on a daily basis at times that once were reserved for “Family” entertainment. We go “Gah Gah” over near nude stars and starlets who parade in their all-together as they sashay down the red carpet and listen to trash talk and consider it’s content as worthy. We are Americans, Born Free and what we indulge in as fun makes the Angels weep. When the Pizza commercial first appears, I hit the ‘audio’ button. We innocently allow the world to see our depravity and condone news reports that are simply untrue. We worry over the Sinister Minister’s biggest hoaxes on the internet and forget to pray. We consider “Love” to be a physical manifest and judge everything and everyone. Why? Because we are sinners living lies and going straight to HELL without Hope in Our Lord Jesus Christ. God, in His Infinite

Grace knows all this and gives us time to internalize His Truth. I see the numbers of visitors drop recently here in my blog. That breaks my heart. I’ve even considered giving up on lifting the shade of my life, but God in His Glorious Generosity has provided an Angel and “Waterwader” will continue for another year. You may never find Jesus featured anywhere else, but as long as God allows me to write, you will find HIM here! You do as you will, but as for me and My House, We will serve the Lord!  And that’s what I get from a New Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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