“My Country”

While awaiting my DART ride from a Doctor’s appointment yesterday, I met a precious little lady from Viet Nam. She has lived in the Dallas area for 40 years; raised fine contributing adult children and recently retired from a career as an insurance underwriter. She saw my Aggie ring and was just too proud to not share that her grandson was at A&M this year.

Ling is in her late sixties and deeply upset about the abuse of the media in regard to our President. She cannot understand how much Donald Trump has done while in office and the apparent dislike of the man, himself. She is one-hundred percent in his corner, especially when it comes to “the Wall”. She said, “I lived elsewhere and I know the difference in living conditions far below the standard we enjoy in America. I am blessed to be an American and am proud of what my country stands for. “This IS MY country and I would never live anywhere else”, she said. “Americans who find fault with the USA are simply thinking wrongly and need a good lesson in freedom and opportunity and less free food stamps”.  I couldn’t have said it better. Today, I thrill to the truth that comes from the mouth of people who know how blessed we are to be Americans. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, donchaknow.  Really. And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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