Mixed Message

I smoked for years. It was the thing  to do back yonder. My Dad smoked Camels for years, but he swore he never inhaled. I did at the age of 18, sitting in the porch swing at my dorm at East Texas Baptist College in Marshall, Texas. The struggle to ‘smoke’ was just another influence of the Sinister Minister was one of ‘celebration’ at that time, but today it is a dark day of regret. My children grew up in a home where cigarettes were available. I never thought of the fact that I was setting the wrong example, but as far as I know, they may have tried, but didn’t seem to let it become a habit. Yet, it was there and didn’t seem to bother me then. Today, we are sending the wrong message to our children. We are telling them “Just say NO to drugs” and are rapidly making marijuana legal. What sense does that make? Now, the drug problem is becoming large enough for school districts to propose an arbitrary ‘drug check’ of all high school students. Doesn’t this cause tremors among parents and thinking adults? If not, it should! Constant new maladies keep popping up and it seems I spend weekly visits to a doctor, all due to cigarettes. I do not blame anyone but myself. Tobacco companies didn’t pop a Marlboro into my mouth, light it and jump up and down on my chest to make me a smoker. The Sinister Minister hovered and convinced me that “since your Dad and other fine folk smoke ’cause it just looks ‘cool;’, so why not?” Children can’t hear what we say since what we DO speaks so loudly!  Only a righteous example set by Godly people will bring our youth back to Jesus Christ and that’s our only HOPE, donchaknow. Really! When was the last time you said “Grace” at the table or prayed with your child? When was the last time you read God’s Word? When was the last time you shared your Faith in Christ? When? Well, that’s too long! And, that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.   AMEN

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