about being anti-LGBTQ

Talk about “stepping in it!”, but here I go –

I see where Joe Biden is taken down for referring to Vice President Pence as a “Good Guy”.  Well, I share that opinion. I see no reason to defend such a statement, but of course I am not a Politician. And to those of you who share the opinion that anyone who is anit-LGBTQ is not a ‘good guy’, I beg to differ. Being anti-“anything” is not meant to be  a put down to an individual, it simply means ‘opposed to a life-style’, period! Get real for once! I have personal friends and dear relatives who practice the ‘alternate’ life-style. God made us with free will and that means the freedom to do as we want.  I disapprove of that particular lifestyle and you have the same right to do as you wish, but there seems to be a problem separating the individual from their choices, today.  I believe I can abhor the act and LOVE the actor, donchaknow. That’s what Joe Biden meant, but can’t defend. My heart breaks for those among us who can’t see the difference! I challenge anyone professing Jesus Christ and Him Crucified to think otherwise. This is the hard part of “Loving One Another”. It just doesn’t come easy to the ‘natural man’, Really.  And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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