Saying NO to Socialism

Whatever the opposition to our President may say, they aren’t perfect either. Bending truth is a common practice in politics and it comes from either side. So, with all the hoopla and rhetoric shouted by candidates, one thing is ‘for sure’ for me! Regardless of ‘party’, I will never vote for Socialism! It has never worked and will never work, especially here in the USA. The problem is that many simply cannot recognize it at all. The first indicator of danger comes when a candidate proposes ‘free’ anything. Nothing should be given away to anyone when others have to work for it. The danger of welfare is that it can create dependency. God never intended “something for nothing”. HE intends that we ‘earn’ our needs and not give in to our wants. Free healthcare for everyone is a mistake. Give someone something for nothing is dangerous. It is bad- habit-forming, donchaknow . Socialism is diametrically opposed to God’s Law for living. There is no where in His Word that defends sloth, no where! We have failed to teach that in our homes and schools and that concerns me, deeply. I fear we have turned too many corners to recover. And that’s what I get from MY box of chocolates.    AMEN

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