What Ever Happened to Ladies being “Ladies”?

I just saw a grandmotherly person training for a boxing match.?? I caught a glimpse of a young girl beating the stuffings out another girl in what is now called ‘boxing’? We now are blessed with a female Senator who features gutter talk when addressing her constituents.  Up until I became ‘the one-in-need’, I opened the doors and seated ladies first. I still say, “mam” and that will never change. I am fearful of the consequences being perpetrated by ‘modernists’. I believe the whole ‘struggle’ for respect isn’t intended for the good of everyone. Women have evolved from demure to aggression. The precious vessel that God intended has been turned into a weapon of destruction. There is nothing more beautiful than a Godly Lady, but the evolution into ‘seductress’ smacks of the Sinister Minister. The life intent for every human being has been gutterized and smells to High Heaven and the nostrils of God, donchaknow. It is NOT acceptable to fill our week with ‘one-night-stands’. It is dangerous to ‘live together’. We have wandered away from the reason of gender. Homosexuality and Lesbanism is an abomination, regardless of what you may believe. “Be Fruitful and Multiply” must be reserved for Marriage between a man and woman. Sexual Deviation is a grave Sin with graver consequences. My position is, without a doubt, worthy of ridicule by modern thinking, but modern thinking has gotten us to the dangerous stage of overpowering madness, donchaknow. It just not fun to be Holy and Righteousness is old fashioned and dumb. Shame, Shame. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.

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