“Land of the FREE” doen’t mean a free ride!

Bernie Sanders has made it clear that government should take care of all our needs. Are you believing this? Nowhere is there anything more preposterous! Free ‘enterprise’ provides health plans, insurance and other products to make life easier, but it is NOT the obligation of our Federal Government (through taxes collected from those of us who ‘work’)! I grew up in a home where sustenance was ‘earned’. I had a “job” from age ten and there was never a reliance on government for health care, at all. I recall my parents purchase “Hospitalization” from a man sitting in our living room,selling policies. My parents NEVER claimed a cent of welfare. We were not ‘well off’. My friends were much better off, but I never felt we did without. I just wish I had been involved

in family finances. I grew into a man with a family without a hint of what that responsibility really meant. I pay that price daily. I would have been a much better parent had I been afforded the right tools as a spoiled youth. My final thought on the subject is, “No Socialism for me, absolutely NOT!” Sorry, Bernie and anyone The Democratic Party may try to unload on us!  It appears there are a lot of politicians who preach “money grows on trees”, donchaknow. Really! “No FREE rides”.  And,, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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