Robert Selwyn Huffaker


Another precious friend called home. God, in His Mercy took Bob home. He had suffered enough for years, but never failed to love those around him. I met Bob while working at KBTX, Channel 3, in Bryan. I was part-time and Bob , full-time. My first site was of a fine looking Cadet in full uniform walking in to being his announcing shift. He, Toby Hughes, Troy Dungan, Bill Arhos and I became lifelong friends. Miles didn’t have any effect on our relationships. Bob left Bryan to work at KRLD here in Dallas. He was ‘on-duty’ covering the transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald the Sunday that Jack Ruby shot and killed the assassin. His reporting was live on CBS television. Bob also was a respected Professor of History at the college in San Marcos. He and other KRLD news folk later wrote “The Day the News Went Live”, the heralded first-hand accounting of that tragic time in our History.

I will never forget the deep love in friendship of this man. Troy and I remain, but great memories of fruit pies and frog gigging will forever be fun, donchaknow. Rest in Peace my dear “Brother’. You are missed.

And, It’s not fun getting this one from My Box of Chocolates. Really.   AMEN

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