“Demons Delight”

It is “Tragic”! It affects every one of us. It has been the focus of the entire world forever and yet it still occurs much too often. It never seems to go away and people are determined to put an end to it. Laws don’t seem to have much effect, yet we demand more and more of them. Now, I see Children and Mothers are demanding “Intelligent” Gun Laws and teachers may be allowed to “carry”. Dear Hearts! If we passed a new law every day for the rest of time, the problem would never go away. Even if we made owning a firearm illegal, there still would be murder. So, go ahead and waste valuable time and shout for something to be done. Hold rallies and stir up the masses, but nothing ‘we’ can do will stop SIN.  I say, “No Way” can anything we could do will change hearts. The truth is in Scripture, but that’s a consideration already practically forbidden. Until man’s heart is changed, man will continue to kill man. Guaranteed! But, my solution requires change and “The Answer” has fallen on deaf ears from the beginning of time, donchaknow. So, here we are with another “Hearts and Flowers” Day and even if we all did love each other today, unless it includes a complete change of heart, it won’t make a difference, unless we ask Jesus Christ into OUR HEART. Sad, but TRUE. Why do we wait? It’s simply due to ‘Demons Delight’. Really! And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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