Pastor Rogers got me to thinking.. again.

Why Is There Suffering in the World?
“If the Son, therefore, shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36
“God did not create evil. God created perfection. God made man perfectly free. The freedom He granted man meant that man had to be free to choose to love.  And in order to choose to love, we must be able to choose not to love. This freedom of choice gave rise to evil, for man’s freedom meant he could make a wrong choice. He could make a selfish choice—yes, even
evil choice.
Which kind of love do you want from others? A forced love or a free love? Which sounds better, “I love you” or “I have to love you”? 
Sometimes I feel family feels simply obligated to love me. Perhaps it is due to ” the Divorce” or simply because I have disappointed them in some way. It’s OK, donchaknow. Why? Because I deserve it. I do! “Free Will” just jumped up and got my attention and “Wham!” I did a No No. I did a bunch of those and ‘saying,”sorry” just doesn’t cut it and that’s where their Faith in Christ comes in. I can only forgive others and LOVE them because Jesus Loved Me First! Pastor Rogers reminded us that “God made us perfect and we did stuff simply because the Sinister Minister convinced us to. Bad Stuff, donchaknow and “sorry” just doesn’t cut it with those whom we have wronged. They need JESUS’ to truly Love! Bad things happen, some by us and some by others and some just ‘because’. The sins against others that I have done and will do are forgiven by my Lord, but the other side of the issue is up to them. What they do with forgiveness of my wrongs is up to them, but I’d like to think their forgiveness comes from ‘true love’  and not ‘obligation’. Loving someone simply because you feel obligated, just STINKS. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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